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You have enjoyed the warm environment around the fire with many memories and are left with a pile of ash in the fire pit. Now you are thinking about what to do with all the ashes left in the fire pit. Ash from wood and additive-free charcoal (not coal!) is good stuff. So below in the blog article, we are providing you with many uses of fire pit ash that can save you money and is also a fantastic tool in an emergency or survival situation.

Provide Supplement to Your Soil

Wood ash contains many nutrients like potassium, phosphorous, and salts that benefit plants. Ash is a fantastic tool as it is highly alkaline; you can examine the soil's PH to certify that you are helping, not damaging, your plants. Wood ash supplements your soil, so you can easily check the soil in your lawn using the soil testing kits.

Used To Making Soap

Ash obtained after burning wood can be used to make soap by adding water with ash, creating lye, an ingredient that can be used for many years. But remember that lye is a highly acidic substance, and do great care when handling this mixture by using heat-resistant gloves, goggles, and boots to protect yourself from any damage.

Ashes as a Cleaning Aid

As we mentioned in the second use of fire-pit ash, mixing water and ash creates lye, which is very effective for cleaning. It seems fickle, but this ash mixture is quite productive for polishing on windows, glass fireplace doors, and silverware. You can easily clean windows and fireplace glass doors by taking a moist sponge, dipping it into ash, and then cleaning the surface with it. If you want to clean the silverware, make a paste of ash by adding water and use that mixture as a polish for the silverware.


Use the ash material paste properly to clean and protect your mucous membrane like eyes, nose, and throat.

Dust Bath for Chickens

Fire pit ash is also used as a dust bath for chickens. You can add their hygienic habit by placing a small amount of ash in the bucket near their area. You may wonder why ash is beneficial for chickens. So here is your answer because it prevents pests, such as mites, from entering the body of your feathered friends.

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Make Ash Toothpaste

Activated charcoal, like toothpaste, has increased in popularity in the last few years. People who are using this know that it isn't sold cheap. Even you can use ash from your fire pit to clean your teeth. You can easily make toothpaste by following a few simple and easy steps.

First, take a spoon full of cold ash
Then separate large clumps keep the ash in a clean dish
Now it's ready, and you can dip your toothbrush in and scrub everything.

It might be possible your mouth looks full of black teeth, so to avoid this, you need to rinse your mouth a lot. Although ash is not natural teeth whitener, it removes the hardened grime, stain, and discolored teeth that brightens your smile, not bleach

Use to Melt Ice

Wood ash contains the natural mineral that influences the ice as salt does. Ash is environment-friendly, and it adds grip on icy driveways. Moreover, it is used to melt ice. It is also nicer than your shoe leather, won't rust your car, and doesn't harm your pets' paws or hurt plaster or concrete.

Use To Protect Stored Seeds with Ash

You can protect your seeds in winter when they get too cold or get too much moist. But ash will save your seeds from getting moist and keep them warm and dry for the future. So there is no need to worry if a little bit of ash is transferred to the tray of seeds, even if it is good for the soil.

⦁ Use Ash As A Dry Shampoo.

Ash is a great remedy; if your hair looks oily but doesn't have time to wash it, sprinkle a little ash over it. Also, do a little massage on your scalp; it will absorb the oil, and then brush your hair.

⦁ Mix Ash into Litter Box to Control Odor

Some people do not know how to control the odor of kitties' litter boxes, so here is a quick hack to keep the odor down. You have to mix a little ash into the kitty's litter, and you can reduce the odor easily. Adding ash is a natural cleaning product that saves money without harming your kitty.

⦁ Deodorize Fridge and Freezers with Ash

You can also use ash to deodorize fridges and freezers, and you don't need to purchase soda that you keep in the fridge to absorb the bad odor. You have to put the ash dish in the fridge or freezer, which also does the same work lie soda. So you can easily get rid of bad odors.

⦁ Clean Up Soot

The wood-ash paste removes the smudge and soot from the fireplace doors. You can easily make ash paste by adding water into ash, then use it as a mild grainy to get the shiny glass door of fireplaces.

⦁ Hasta La Vista Slugs

Placing little amount of wood ash around your precious produce can prevent the invasion of slugs and snails into bounty. Putting some ash is a non-toxic and productive solution for leafy vegetables such as lettuce and spinach. Also, remember that only dry ash will work, so it is necessary to sprinkle or place a small amount of dry ash to keep pesky slugs out effectively. Moreover, it is easy to wash when you pick it up for cooking and eating.

⦁ Mix Ash into Chicken Feed

Ash adds the 1% of chicken feed, and their dusty stuff is a good source of healthy minerals like calcium, potassium, phosphorous, and magnesium. Ash has a laxative effect that benefits their diet, but giving them an excessive amount of ash can cause health problems.


If you burn the wood or additive-free wood charcoal, feed it to your chicken because the toxic chemicals in other fuels in the ash may harm your chicken.


Enjoying and spending a lot of time with friends and family is one of the best things you can have with a fire pit. Cleaning out the ash mess doesn't look pleasant, but now you know many ways to use the remaining ash daily. You can use it as toothpaste, as a dry shampoo, to melt ice, mix into chicken feed, add to the soil, for cleaning purposes, for soap making, to protect stored seeds, to deodorize the freezer, remove odor from kitty's box, and to clean up soot. This article will help you to find the 13 best uses of fire pit ash in your daily life.