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When it comes to being a pet parent, all you have to do is take on all sorts of responsibilities. It would help if you gathered all the essential supplies to care for your pet to do as best as possible. Water is every pet's basic need, but you only need to choose the perfect water bowl. It seems simple to prefer, but there are many varieties of pet water bowls. Here in the article, we will provide you with popular pet bowls, like ceramic, glass, stainless, steel, plastic, and silicon, with the pros and cons of each.

Six Different Types of Water Bowls

Ceramic Bowls

Ceramic bowls are one of the best to consider for pets, and they come in various sizes and designs that can also give you decorative options.

Ceramic bowls are a good choice for pets as they are easy to clean, nonporous, sturdy, and don't hold bacteria.
Most are dishwasher safe, so it is best to check the cleaning instructions, and some bowls have a glazed feature that is better off with hand washing.
There are many colors, sizes, and parts of ceramic bowls. That's why they are people's first choice for their pets and match your home décor.

If you misuse the ceramic water bowls, then they may crack or chip. So if the pet is an overly rambunctious eater, it will not be the best choice ever.
Once your dog bowl gets broken, then you need to throw it. Otherwise, tiny cracks will open up the door to nasty bacteria.
Ceramic bowls are pricey because of their decorative aspects.
These water bowls are also heavy and significantly more extensive, which can help you prevent tipping.

The Outdoor Plus Water Bowl GFRC Concrete / 24
The Outdoor Plus Water Bowl Maya Water Bowl
The Outdoor Plus Water Bowl GFRC Wood Grain / 24
The Outdoor Plus Water Bowl Metal Powder Coat / 24
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The Outdoor Plus Water Bowl GFRC Concrete / 24
The Outdoor Plus Water Bowl Maya Water Bowl
The Outdoor Plus Water Bowl GFRC Wood Grain / 24
The Outdoor Plus Water Bowl Metal Powder Coat / 24
The Outdoor Plus Water Bowl Hammered Patina Copper / 24

The Outdoor Plus - Maya Water Bowl

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Glass Bowls

Glass bowls are also similar to ceramic dishes in many ways but with few exceptions.

Glass bowls are easy to clean, lightweight, and dishwasher safe.
This water bowl is nonporous and won't hold on to bacteria.
Glass water bowls for pets are made with sturdy material and come in many styles.

Considering glass water bowls can be expensive, but it depends on where you purchase them.
But considering basic styles won't break the bank. Since these bowls are made of glass, so they're naturally liable to more cracks and chips.
If your pet knocks its bowl around, steer clear of glass dishes.
Moreover, when you place a glass dish near a window, it may start a fire during some conditions, and glass can concentrate the rays from the sun and start things like a deck.
Buying glass water bowls is not highly likely, but it is a possibility, so it's worth noting.

Stainless Steel Bowls

If we talk about stainless steel water bowls, these are the best dish you should have for your pet because they offer ease, health, and safety options.

Stainless steel bowls are easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and nonporous.
These water bowls won't hold any bacteria.
These are durable and unbreakable; if you have a pet-like dog that slaps its bowl around, these bowls are definitely for your pet. Because you don't have to worry about bowls chipping, breaking, or cracking.
Many sizes with different styles are available in the market for stainless steel bowls, and they are also inexpensive.
With lighter weight and non-skid rubber bottoms, these water bowls are the best choice for anyone's pet.

There will be no downsides for stainless steel bowls, but one con is that they are limited in colors.
At some shops, they are available with a coating feature on the outside that adds a pop of color, but this may fade away after a few items of washing.

Plastic Water Bowls

Plastic water bowls are easy to come with but not the best choice for your pet as they may not be a safer option for pets.
Plastic bowls are readily available in the market and are inexpensive.
They have many styles, colors, and sizes available in the market.
If you have a pet-like dog who can knock around for days, the dog can't break it.

If we talk about plastic bowls' durability, then they don't last for long because as they get scratched, they become susceptible to harmful bacteria that may affect your pet's health.
If you're a pet, maybe a dog or cat is a big chewer, then its likely part of their plastic dish could end up in their stomach. Which may cause severe health complications to your pet, like intestinal blockage. So before selecting, they ensure your pet is not a plastic chewer.
Even some pets get allergic reactions after chewing certain plastics.
Many plastics have BPAs that can leach into your pup's food, creating possible health problems.

Silicone Bowls

Silicon water bowls for pets are one of the best options, and many collapsible and fold-up travel bowls are silicon.

They are easy to clean, dishwasher-safe, and appropriate for travel.
They come in lots of colors in the market.
Silicon water bowls are durable as far as being knocked around or dropped is concerned.

Silicon bowls are the best choice but not a good choice for long time use.
That's why many people do not prefer them Even a mild chewer can mess up a soft, silicone dish

Electric Water Bowls

Electric water bowls are one of the most popular bowls, and there are many reasons that people prefer them.

Electric water bowls hold more water than regular bowls, so you don't need to refill repeatedly.
It will be a beneficial choice for your pet when you are busy or out of the home.
These water bowls have the feature of changing the speed of the water, which varies from a slow pace to a higher rate.
Electric water bowls can clean out the dirt and filter the water for a pet, which means your pet is drinking clean and fresh water that will keep him healthy.
Some pets love the feature of water movements.
That's why getting a water fountain and water will move, and your pet will get overexcited and drink more water.

Many people will prefer something other than electric water bowls for pets due to budget issues, as this type of bowl costs more.
Because if you are installing this system, you must add a new filter that will clean the water regularly.
Moreover, any kitchens need lower outlets.
If you are adding this feature, install an outlet lower in your kitchen or find a different place to put the electric water bowl.


Knowing the pros and cons of pet water bowls is essential information that will allow you to understand the in which water bowls your pet feels comfortable and drink clean water more safely. Because if you don't have a suitable water bowl, your pet will not drink much water, and it will cause dehydration and other health issues. In the above blog article, we have provided you with the pros and cons of pet water bowls so you will select the best one.