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Timberwolf - Backer Plate (Surround Extension For Large Firebox Opening) - BP3

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  • Description
  • Timberwolf - Backer Plate (Surround Extension For Large Firebox Opening) - BP3

    The Timberwolf Backer Plate with the part number BP3 is an accessory designed for Timberwolf wood-burning stoves, specifically for large firebox openings. The backer plate serves several important functions:

    1. **Surround Extension:** This backer plate is used as a surround extension for large firebox openings. In the context of a wood-burning stove, the firebox opening refers to the area where you load wood and build the fire. For larger firebox openings, a backer plate like the BP3 may be used to extend and cover the surrounding area, ensuring a more complete and aesthetically pleasing installation.

    2. **Aesthetic Enhancement:** The backer plate is designed not only to provide functional benefits but also to enhance the visual appearance of the wood-burning stove. It helps create a cohesive look by covering the areas surrounding the firebox, giving it a finished and integrated appearance in your living space.

    3. **Heat Reflection:** Depending on its design, the backer plate may also contribute to heat reflection. It can reflect heat back into the room, helping maximize the stove's heating efficiency.

    When considering the Timberwolf Backer Plate (BP3), it's important to ensure that it is compatible with your specific Timberwolf wood-burning stove model, especially if you have a large firebox opening that requires extension and coverage. Proper installation and maintenance are crucial to ensure that the stove operates safely and efficiently. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines for installation and use.


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